TROPHY BIKES WAS FOUNDED many years ago by Mr. Paul Hazlett. . It operated first in a little storefront near 8th and Catharine. It then moved to Old City Philadelphia–until our landlord said, “How about double the rent?”   A mitosis of sort took place, with the tiny Trophy Bike Garage on Strawberry Street popping up in Old City and Trophy Bikes proper moving to 3131 Walnut in University City.  Now the Garage is in Northern Liberties at 712 North 2nd Street, and it is not tiny anymore, no it is not.

Today the shop is owned by Michael McGettigan and operated by a cast of many.  Visit our website www.trophybikes.com and go to who’s who for details on those men and women.

We are trying hard to be one of the city’s best shops for bicycle commuting and bike touring.  Certainly, we have mountain bikers and road racers on staff as well, but the shop is not exactly packed with mountain bikes, nor with the latest soon-to-be-obsolete carbon wonders.

Yes, we do sell carbon bikes, but it is not our mainstay. What is our mainstay? Well, that would be bikes that are fast yet sturdy, affordable, yet interesting and above all, fit for purpose. Ditto for all sorts of accessories for carrying things on your bicycle, across town or across the country.

Of course, we repair all sorts of bikes, even ones that are really covered with muck from winter commuting.

Finally, almost forgot–we sell folding bikes–especially the amazing Brompton Folder from England. Of which more on our website (see above).



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